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Webinar: 5 new ways to reduce churn from Unbounce

Darrian Wright
Darrian Wright Marketing
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Earlier this month, Brightback CEO Guy Marion and Unbounce's Directory of Revenue Ops and Strategy, Max Tims, got together to talk retention. How does a growing company like Unbounce reduce churn? And what goes into a retention strategy that requires engaging with customers at the moment they want to leave? Guy and Max break down the steps:

1. Reduce friction (really!) at the point of cancel

2. Improve the performance of retention offers by making it easy to engage

3. Use custom alerts to triage frustrated customers right away

4. Match Brightback cancel flows with customer activation phases

5. Enable customer-facing teams by updating Salesforce

Dive into the webinar recording to see these steps in action. And discover how Unbounce takes this process and sees double digit deflection at the point of cancel.