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Brightback Team Spotlight: Marie Callahan, Customer Success Manager

Guy Marion
Guy Marion CEO & co-founder
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What’s your role at Brightback?

I’m a Customer Success Manager for Brightback. I spend time working with customers to understand and increase the value they obtain from Brightback. Brightback is one of the first companies to create a churn reduction software for subscription-based SaaS companies so I find it really rewarding to help our customers experience the benefits of this unique software solution.

What’s your background?

My background is in social impact and technology consulting. I’m passionate about providing the best support to my customers by providing them meaningful insights that help their businesses. I have consulted nonprofits, small businesses, federal agencies, and start-ups.

Why did you join Brightback?

I joined Brightback for a myriad of reasons. The constant curiosity to solve the root causes of churn by everyone at Brightback is infectious! The positivity and support by the team, regardless of role, creates a fun and collaborative environment.

After learning about the extensive experience and personal ties to the issue of churn, I knew this was a great team to work and learn from. I realized that I’m most excited about being a part of building something new and solving true customer issues. When you find those people who put their heart into their work — you know you’ve found something great!

What’s exciting to you about the customer retention space?

As someone who always tries to put themself into a customer’s shoes, I’m excited to work with a software that provides insight into an area that no other company has spent an extensive amount of time in, the end of a customer’s journey.

Giving customers a chance to think through their reasons to cancel and proving companies those insights taps into a whole new opportunity to continuously improve subscription-based SaaS products.

What are your interests outside of work?

I’m originally from New Jersey but I just spent the last few years in Washington, DC. I recently moved to San Francisco a few months ago so I’m still learning about the area. I live in the Marina with my boyfriend, Kap.

Outside of work, you can find me snuggled up reading with a cup of coffee, volunteering or exploring new parts of San Francisco. As a first generation college student, I enjoy helping others (like folks helped me) obtain the resources they need to pursue an education. I’m a strong advocate for mentoring programs and Planned Parenthood. As a new SF resident it is incredible learning about the community, history, and everything else the city has to offer!