Announcing Brightback Essentials: the simple and affordable way to create high-performing retention experiences

Customer retention platform Brigtback takes aim at enabling consumer subscription managers to launch delightful, high-performing online cancel experiences

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Subscription e-commerce leaders including MeUndies and SaaS leaders such as Unbounce join up with Brightback to beta test the industry’s first self-managed subscription cancel experience

SAN FRANCISCO, CA --- June 30, 2020 --- Brightback, the first customer retention solution to automatically save customers at the moment of cancel, today announced the beta launch of Experience Manager, an easy way for direct-to-consumer subscription companies to create and test high-performing cancel experiences to retain more customers.

The beta launch of Experience Manager comes two years after Brightback raised $11 million in equity and debt from over 30 industry investors. Brightback is now taking advantage of the gulf in the market for automated solutions to help any subscription business—not just top-tier tech companies like Netflix and Amazon—achieve world-class retention results without diverting resources away from product and engineering projects.

Brightback’s Experience Manager gives subscription retention leaders the ability to replace static exit surveys and outdated call centers with personalized online experiences that deflect 10 to 30 percent of cancels, while delighting customers at a critical point in their journey.

The future of subscription cancel experiences for consumer businesses is online

Brightback sees a clear gap in the market between the algorithm-driven online retention systems that only a handful of leading-edge tech companies are equipped to build and the notorious call centers that customers loathe and companies need, but are unable to improve. Brightback aims to close this gap in the exploding consumer subscription industry by making available customer-friendly, smart retention tools that empower direct-to-consumer leaders to save more customers.

“Today every e-commerce site has a shopping-cart abandonment tool, and yet, subscriber retention is an afterthought and trails 10 years behind marketing tech,” said Guy Marion, co-founder and CEO of Brightback. “With this beta launch of Experience Manager, we’re giving subscription companies what they’ve asked for again and again: a way to easily create and evolve online cancel experiences without a reliance on engineering resources, so companies can react quickly to customer behavior and market forces.”

Why now? Retention reigns supreme in 2020

Earlier this year, Brightback published a study that found 96 percent of retention professionals believe they lose customers that could otherwise have been retained if they could be identified and engaged in real-time. More recently, the economic upheaval resulting from the Covid-19 global pandemic is reshuffling the subscription landscape into clear winners and losers: winners being those who are spinning on a dime to proactively improve customer relationships and retain subscribers despite a near total halt of consumer spending.

Additionally, regulation and governments are increasingly pro-consumer. Legislation passed in California in 2018 requires subscriptions that can be purchased online must also be able to be cancelled online. The industry is steadily moving toward a customer-centric approach, with Visa introducing similar requirements for credit-card accepting merchants.

What’s available in the Experience Manager beta?

Brightback is flexible enough to support multiple types of customer journeys, including cancels, downgrades, and trials, while easily integrating with the retention tools that most direct-to-consumer subscription businesses use.

  • Experience Manager: Create and manage multiple cancel experiences from a central view.
  • Page editor: Edit copy and imagery on the fly while personalizing the cancel page with dynamic content and components.
  • Brand manager: Apply logos, color schemes, URLs and custom CSS at a global level to ensure a seamless customer experience across all cancel pages.
  • Reason Editor: Eliminate sampling bias in exit surveys with mandatory cancel, and leverage Brightback’s categorized reasons to track actionable change
  • Offer library: Create, test, and personalize offers using templates from six categories: pauses, discounts, plan changes, extensions, feedback, and support & training.
  • Integrating the retention stack: Use the brightback.js code snippet to integrate with data warehouse and billing systems, or leverage pre-built workflow integrations with Slack, Segment, and Zapier, and enrichment integrations with Salesforce, Recurly and Stripe.
  • Insights and deflection funnel: Gain a bird’s eye view across your retention programs, then drill into aggregated insights, trends and real-time activity.
  • Revenue attribution: Validate save and deflection performance, and assess impact on revenue instantly, via pre-built integrations with Stripe and Recurly.

The beta launch of Experience Manager opens the door for consumer subscription companies to launch high-performing cancel experiences, as well as target customer audiences and test a broad range of offers in order to achieve best-in-class retention results.

Want to learn more? Request a demo of Experience Manager.

About Brightback

Brightback is the first customer retention solution that automatically saves customers at the moment of cancel. Trusted by high volume subscription businesses like MeUndies and Unbounce, Brigthtback helps retention leaders deflect churn with personalized cancel experiences, optimize offboarding processes through testing and targeting and gather aggregated insights to drive product and company improvements. Headquartered in San Francisco, Brightback is a remote-first company with a team of subscription-industry veterans located across the United States.

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