Announcing Brightback Essentials: the simple and affordable way to create high-performing retention experiences

Own your cancel flow with Experience Manager

Save up to 30% of subscription cancels.

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Make it personal - without the hassle

Personalize your cancel experiences with eye-catching customer details like account usage, plan type and more. Cancel experiences are easy to update, so you don’t have to rely on engineering resources to make changes that will have an impact.

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Present targeted offers that get results

Configure targeting rules to present the right customer with the right offer at the right time. With Brightback’s testing and targeting capabilities, you can define who sees which offers, so your customers are more likely to be retained.

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Create an experience that makes customers think twice

Brightback looks and feels like your app for a seamless cancel process. Add a logo, customize branding, color schemes and even custom CSS, so your customers have a delightful experience even after they’ve hit the cancel button.


Retention that goes with the flow

Brightback is flexible enough to support multiple kinds of customer journeys, including cancels, downgrades, and trials across languages, products and brands. Plus, Brightback integrates with your customer management tools like Segment, Salesforce and more.


See the Experience Manager in action

Take a tour of the new Experience Manager and empower your team to retain more customers at the moment of cancel.