Get 4 tips for managing and reducing customer churn during Covid-19

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Gauge the revenue impact of your retention performance and gain up-to-date save and cancel insights

Put retention on autopilot

Connect Recurly to Brightback in a few clicks and save hours spent chasing at-risk customers. Track when your last customer sync took place and the number of matched customer accounts between Recurly and Brightback.


Get insights into why customers cancel

Brightback matches customers that cancel by the reason selected to their Recurly account to show exactly what certain problems cost you and how much revenue you save by deflecting cancels.

Cancel insights

See up-to-date customer data

Keep track of saved, lost or watch list customers. Details include revenue, billing interval and validation status. Brightback validates saved customers in Recurly, and calculates the dollar amount in revenue saved (or lost) for every customer who visits your cancel page.


Watch saved revenue roll in

Syncing data with Recurly, Brightback dashboards show week-by-week breakdowns to help you understand how changes to offers, product and pricing retain revenue.

Saved revenue

Use Brightback and Recurly to
save more customers

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