Announcing Brightback Essentials: the simple and affordable way to create high-performing retention experiences

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Rally the team around saving customers with by-the-minute updates of customer activity in Brightback.


Slack connects your team to vital information, and the Brightback integration brings real-time alerts around canceled and flight-risk customers into the mix. Get notified instantly with real-time save opportunities in Slack to take action and engage with at-risk customers at the right moment. Monitor cancel requests, save events, and customer’s added to the watch list from the comfort of a Slack channel.

How it works

  • Send notifications of Brightback activity to a Slack channel
  • Monitor cancels, saves, and watch list additions in real time
  • Integrate with Brightback Experiences

Connect your Slack instance to Brightback

Connect your team with the valuable customer insights in just a few clicks.

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Get notified about your customers instantly

See real-time customer requests and save opportunities in Slack, so you can take action at the right moment.

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View real-time activity

See cancel requests, save events and at-risk customer activity right in Slack, so you can follow multiple events as they happen.

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Use Brightback and Slack to
give your customers what they need.

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