Seeing higher churn due to Covid-19 effects? Get your free cancel response page now.

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Watch the health of your customers in real-time, so you can reach out when it matters most.

Connect your Totango account

In just a few clicks, you can integrate Brightback and Totango to give your customers exactly what they need.


Choose and map field data

Select the fields that matter to you, so you can segment customers, personalize cancel experiences and view useful reports.

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Personalize the cancel experience

Show customers tailored messages and custom offers based on their account size, location, plan type and more.

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Visualize your data

Consolidate cancellation data into one dashboard where you can see insights, run reporting and export data sets.


Alerts with Ease

Any customer data that lives in Totango can be used to personalize the Brightback cancel experience, such as the cancel page, modals, or Slack alerts.

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Use Brightback and Salesforce to
give your customers what they need.

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