Announcing Brightback Essentials: the simple and affordable way to create high-performing retention experiences

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Rally the team around saving customers with by-the-minute updates of customer activity in Brightback.


Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, providing easy connections between apps without code. Zapier connects Brightback events to nearly any app. Trigger zaps with Marketo, Hubspot, and other automation tools to email at-risk or recently cancelled customers based on offers accepted or reason for cancellation. Update CRM details in apps like Salesforce or Pipedrive to keep records up to date with the customer’s most recent status.

What you can do

  • Connect Brightback to any Zapier supported app without code
  • Trigger Zaps to update your CRM from Brightback activity
  • Add customers to nurture drips in marketing automation software by Brightback events
  • Integrate with Brightback Experiences

Create your zaps

Connect Brightback with your marketing automation, customer support and CRM apps in just a few clicks.


Nurture customers automatically

Trigger zaps with Marketo, Hubspot and other automation tools to email at-risk or recently cancelled customers and learn more about their needs.


Create tickets when customers cancel

Trigger zaps in Help Scout and other customer support support systems, so you can reach out proactively to unhappy customers.


Update your CRM with new customer details

Enable your success or sales team to stay on top of urgent customer needs while ensuring the CRM records stay up to date and enriched.


Use Brightback and Salesforce to
give your customers what they need.

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