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Two options to retain customers

Standard features

Churn deflection and measurement for early-stage subscription companies.

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  • Hosted cancel page with dynamic content and basic branding

  • Basic customer segmentation and testing

  • Dashboards, trend and at-risk reports

  • Real-time alerts and workflow triggers with Slack, Salesforce, Zapier, Segment, Intercom, Totango and Zendesk

  • Online support during business hours

  • Google Single Sign-On

Premium features

Personalized cancel journeys for high-volume subscription companies. All standard features included.

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  • Hosted cancel page with fully customizable branding

  • Advanced customer segmentation and offer logic

  • Multi-use case support (e.g. cancel, downgrade)

  • Dedicated customer success manager with monthly performance guidance

  • Revenue attribution and cohorts with Stripe and Recurly integrations

Frequently asked questions

  • Who in an organization typically uses Brightback?

    Churn has a mix of ownership in companies today. We work with product, customer success, marketing and growth leaders. Most successful projects have a day-to-day performance manager who owns the cancel experience, ensures customers receive follow-up and reviews results. For implementation, you'll need an engineering lead to install our tracking code and brand approval for the page experience.

  • Can I start a trial of Brightback?

    Yes, we offer a paid 6-month pilot. After the pilot, you can purchase an annual plan. We first schedule time to talk about your business and understand your retention goals, then walk you through how we discuss how Brightback can help given your current cancel volume.

  • What are the technical resources required to implement Brightback?

    Brightback is most effective when our Javascript code snippet is installed. This enables customers to be redirected to the Brightback cancel page. It's also how we're able to identify customers, segment them based on custom attributes (like price and plan) and personalize their cancel experience.

  • How long does it take to implement Brightback?

    Brightback shortens the time needed to launch and test cancel experiences—a process that can take 6 - 12 months in-house when working with designers, product managers, data scientists, customer success leaders and engineers. With Brightback, we aim to launch your cancel experience and deflect cancellations within two weeks of your kickoff call. Most time is spent getting stakeholder input for the custom cancel experience and coordinating with engineering to deploy our code snippet.

Fact: Your customers are canceling.
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