Announcing Brightback Essentials: the simple and affordable way to create high-performing retention experiences

Reduce churn with Brightback + Recurly

We'll discuss your retention objectives, revenue operations and ways to automatically reduce churn.

"Brightback has changed the
way we operat


Max Tims, Director of Revenue Ops at Unbounce and Recurly user


Put retention on autopilot

Connect Recurly to Brightback in a few clicks and save hours spent chasing customers who are at-risk to churn. When a customer hits cancel, they're directed to a personalized cancel page where they'll accept a tailored offer based on their reason for canceling.


Get insights into why customers cancel

With the Recurly integration, Brightback matches customer accounts to their reason for canceling, so you see exactly what certain problems cost you and how much revenue you save by deflecting cancels.

Cancel insights

Watch saved revenue roll in

See how your saved revenue evolves over time and spot initiatives that have the biggest impact. Syncing data with Recurly, Brightback dashboards show week-by-week breakdowns to help you understand how changes to offers, product and pricing retain revenue.

Saved revenue