Get 4 tips for managing and reducing customer churn during Covid-19

Personalize your cancel experience and grow your revenue

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"...a lever to protect low-hanging revenue fruit."

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Easily standardize and automate your cancel process

Use a systematic approach to prevent and measure churn at scale while integrating your customer engagement apps.

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Unbounce replaced its static exit survey with a new Brightback cancel experience, saving resources and 11% of cancels.
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Win back your customers

Tailor unique offboarding experiences that are on-brand and highly targeted based on key customer segments.

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“Before using Brightback, we couldn’t take action on data that our customers were giving us at the point of cancel and it was definitely holding us back. Brightback has changed the way we operate.”



See insights and benchmarks, minus the spreadsheets

Quickly pinpoint the reasons why customers considering leaving or cancel all together – then take action.

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We play well with your stack

Brightback integrates with your existing tools to personalize customer experiences while keeping your data in sync.

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How Brightback works

Customer segmentation
Dynamic experiences
Actionable data

We accurately identify and classify your at-risk customers

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Fact: Your customers are canceling.
We've got your back.

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"Brightback allows us to pinpoint the 'why' behind the cancel experience." — Daniel Chalef, SVP Data Science at Sparkpost