Get 4 tips for managing and reducing customer churn during Covid-19

Automate your cancel experience
to retain subscribers at scale

Brightback segments customers, delivers personalized cancel pages and provides data you need to improve. No engineering effort is needed beyond adding our code snippet.


Identify at-risk customers

Measure, save and prevent subscriber churn at scale by adding our JS snippet, which identifies customers who request to cancel and redirects them to a branded cancel page.

High Potential Active Active Inactive

Target high-value, actionable customer segments

Target customer segments by using criteria mapped to Brightback from our snippet or your CRM, such as product usage, downgrade vs cancel scenarios, billing details, industry personas and more.


Engage at-risk customers with a personalized cancel page

Save customers from slipping through the cracks by testing targeted offers, self-service or managed workflows. Dynamic cancel pages are continuously optimized to retain unfulfilled customers while delighting them in the process.

Product 4

Seamlessly deliver cross-channel save workflows

Automate cancellation and save related workflows by creating support tickets, triggering messaging alerts, applying billing updates and more. Brightback integrates with your favorite apps like Slack, Zapier and others.

Product 5

View metrics and real-time alerts

Your Brightback dashboard shows you at-risk customers to watch and provides a bird's eye view of KPIs like MRR, saves and churn. Export the data at any time.

Product 6

Unlock your save and churn data to optimize performance

Real-time data surfaces the root causes of churn. Filter by reasons, plan types, offers and more to spot key trends. Drill into specific accounts, competitive intelligence and customer feedback to fill gaps for future customers.

Connect Brightback to your stack

Import, sync and enrich your customer data by integrating Brightback with your apps.

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Integration 1

We ran Brightback side-by-side with our original cancel flow and learned right away that we could actually deflect cancellations without introducing friction.

Max Tims, Director of Revenue Ops and Strategy