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When it comes to corporate and data security, we're committed to meeting the needs of today's web regulatory environment. We aim to deliver the best overall experience from our AWS-hosted platform, and invest in annual SOC2 auditing and continuous monitoring to ensure compliance.

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We hold ourselves to our own high standards,
as well as those established by the industry.

Privacy & security training

All Brightback employees are trained and certified on data privacy policies and best practices.

End-to-end encryption

All data in Brightback is stored and transmitted with end-to-end encryption. We also store your data using 256-bit AES encryption, which makes your data highly secured.

Vendor audit & approval process

Brightback performs a comprehensive compliance review and approval process before using and licensing third-party tools.

Data encryption & access controls

In transit and at rest, all customer data is encrypted using only industry-leading tools, standards and best practices for data handling and security.

Information security policy

Brightback’s Information Security Policy and Procedures are thoughtfully created using the ISO 2700x standard.

Security & compliance

Brightback maintains compliance with an annual examination and attestation to SOC 2.