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Save up to 30% of customers who hit the cancel button

Test ways to save subscribers and find what works

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Save the right customers from canceling

Brightback’s unique targeting framework helps you keep the customers that count


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Easily test offers based on cancel reason, plan type and more, and learn to spot the customers who will cancel, complain or chargeback anyway.

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A cancel experience that lives up to your brand

Create a beautiful cancel experience that speaks to each customer individually with dynamic offers, loss aversion and personalized fields. A delightful cancel process keeps mean tweets and bad reviews at bay and aligns with the standards your customers have come to expect.

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Easily give your customers goodwill

Create save strategies for all of your customer types whether they are trial users, early-stage fans or loyal subscribers. In-depth reporting reveals why customers cancel, who’s at risk and which offers are being accepted, so you get the answers you need for customer churn.

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Make easy work of customer retention

We have out of the box integrations designed to take the heavy lifting off of your engineering team. Brightback plays nicely with the top industry tools like Stripe, Slack, Segment and Recurly to streamline alerts, update customer information and accurately track saved revenue, so you can measure the impact of your retention efforts.

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Unbounce increased their retention rate by 11% with Brightback

Before using Brightback, we couldn’t take action on data that our customers were giving us at the point of cancel and it was definitely holding us back. Brightback has changed the way we operate.

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Max Tims
Director of Revenue Operations and Strategy
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