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Read how Copper tested two cancel experiences and found a 96% lift by simplifying
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These companies keep customers happy with Brightback. That makes us happy, too.

Copper, the popular CRM software for Google Apps users, replaced a ticket-based cancellation process to improve care and automate outreach.

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Crazy Egg, the website optimization tool provider, is testing offers targeted to trial users and customers based on their billing frequency.

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Gitbook, a documentation provider, seeks to systematically gain churn insights from their technical developer audience to improve product experience.

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PersistIQ, a sales engagement provider, used Brightback to pinpoint customer sentiment and display dynamic offers at just the right moment.

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Mailshake, an email outreach tool, optimized its customer retention journey to address the top three reasons customers’ needs were unmet.

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Brightback in action across your organization

Customer success

Customer Success

“The best thing about Brightback is it allows our team to test, measure and act on why people leave or don’t convert. We’ve been able to preempt cancellations, reduce time spent on manual tasks and focus on higher value activities like adoption, education and support. We’re innovating, testing and sharing the results across the organization to drive a better customer experience.“

Niraj Shah

VP Customer Success at Copper

C Suite


“To win on experience today you need to pay attention to customers throughout the lifecycle and be in a position to respond quickly to any opportunities to expand or save customer relationships. With Brightback, we deflect one in four cancellation requests. More powerfully, we segmented all churn events and found that 40 percent are preventable. We restructured our team to jump on customers who never onboarded correctly, or need more time to learn, with a target of saving tens of thousands of dollars every month."

Suneet Bhatt

GM AT Crazy Egg



“Churn is a major hurdle for growth. A focus on retention has never been so critical. Brightback allows us to pinpoint the 'why' behind the cancel experience, so we can get continuous learnings from our customers and ultimately drive improvements in our product roadmap.“

Daniel Chalef

SVP Data Science AT Sparkpost

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