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Make retention your competitive edge. Optimize the cancellation process and gain insightful customer data that fuels business growth.

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Case Study
Read how Copper tested two cancel experiences and found a 96% lift by simplifying
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These companies keep customers happy with Brightback. That makes us happy, too.

Copper, the popular CRM software for Google Apps users, replaced a ticket-based cancellation process to improve care and automate outreach.

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Crazy Egg, the website optimization tool provider, is testing offers targeted to trial users and customers based on their billing frequency.

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Gitbook, a documentation provider, seeks to systematically gain churn insights from their technical developer audience to improve product experience.

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PersistIQ, a sales engagement provider, used Brightback to pinpoint customer sentiment and display dynamic offers at just the right moment.

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Mailshake, an email outreach tool, optimized its customer retention journey to address the top three reasons customers’ needs were unmet.

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“We ran Brightback side-by-side with our original cancel flow and learned right away that we could actually deflect cancellations without introducing friction. Now we understand that when a customer hits cancel, they’re raising their hand for a lifeline. With Brightback, we’re able to deflect 11% of cancellations by being there for our customers when that hand goes up."

Max Tims

Directory of Revenue Ops and Strategy at Unbounce



“Churn is a major hurdle for growth. A focus on retention has never been so critical. Brightback allows us to pinpoint the 'why' behind the cancel experience, so we can get continuous learnings from our customers and ultimately drive improvements in our product roadmap.“

Daniel Chalef

SVP Data Science at Sparkpost

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