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High volume subscription companies trust Brightback to retain customers

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Read how Unbounce tested its existing cancel against Brightback and deflected double digits worth of churn
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These companies keep customers happy with Brightback.

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MeUndies offers memberships to keep socks and underwear fresh for subscribers. Brightback Experiences are personalized by customer tenure and style, and present offers geared towards skipping shipments and pausing account activity keep customers subscribed.


WeFeedRaw brings the world of high-end, organic subscription dog food to happy, healthy pups. Brightback helps save customers with offers to lower-priced plans for cost sensitive consumers, and food variety for dogs with more discerning palettes.


Powtoon provides a platform for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers to create videos that don’t cost thousands of dollars. Brightback insights paired with the Recurly integration puts a dollar amount on the reasons customers churn to help allocate budget for improvements upstream.

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PersistIQ, a sales engagement provider that helps you send personalized emails, email follow-ups, email campaigns, and bulk emails, used Brightback to pinpoint customer sentiment and display dynamic offers at just the right moment.


Baller TV gives anyone access to live streams, replays and highlights for the nation's top amateur sports. Brightback empowers them to understand why customers are leaving, and has improved retention and deflection resulting in positive ROI.

Mighty networks

Mighty Networks helps you build seamless websites with memberships, online courses, and community content. Brightback is able to recognize when their customers are cancelling due to lack of engagement or enablement, then intervene with resources and training at the right time to help keep things on track and retain customers.

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Unbounce increased their retention rate by 10% with Brightback

Before using Brightback, we couldn’t take action on data that our customers were giving us at the point of cancel and it was definitely holding us back. Brightback has changed the way we operate.

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Max Tims
Director of Revenue Operations and Strategy
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